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Collapsing >5 Events: UI Problem

Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but since the Sept 22 update it's been super difficult to use the calendar app. I work at a tutoring center where we have multiple events (sessions) happening all at once, and the extension was a godsend for seeing everything happening at once. Now if there's any more than 5 events happening at once, it collapses the whole day into a grey box that I have to click to see a list of the sessions (instead of boxes):

This makes it a lot harder to see all the events that are happening simultaneously. I much preferred the UI that would cram as many events as it could into a row.

Is there a way to undo the Sept 22 update, or at least turn off this feature?


  • This also makes it impossible to click on any of the events behind the grey box that didn't get collapsed into the list. I can't really use it with this feature enabled.

  • So indeed I did update the calendar code and thought I'd make use of this feature to set it by default to max 5 events, but I could make it an option to change that max limit, I'll queue it for development, thanks for the feedback.

  • @Jason Gotcha, thanks. The thing is that even if I mouse over the grey box, I can't click on the events that are hidden by it. Clicking on them just opens up the list menu.

  • But can you click the events in the list view afterwards?

  • I cannot. The events in the list are different from the events in the boxed layout.

    The purple 6:30p-9:30p event, for example, can't be clicked due to this feature. If I click that box, it just opens the list popup with the 2 yellow events and 1 blue event.

  • ok thanks for the details, i'm working on pushing that option out, i'm wondering if I should change the default 5 to a higher number.

  • 5 seems as good a number as any. I'll be disabling the collapsing regardless. If I were someone who only scheduled 1 event at a time, I imagine 5 would be fine -- the only problem is I have like 10 events at once sometimes because of the business.

  • Ok i pushed an update you can force an update to the extension with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    And find the default at 10 and you can change the extension options .. general tab .. max events to stack

  • Perfect, thanks for doing what you do, man.

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