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Calendar locking up

I love your extensions, thanks for all the work you do on these.

For the past few days, every time I click on the forward button to get to the next month, the extension locks up and my computer fan kicks on and I can only exit the popup calendar by clicking outside of it. I have turned it off and back on in the extensions panel a few times, but the problem persists. I can look at anything on the days that are displayed in the initial month view, but clicking on any links shuts it down.

Any suggestions?



  • Can you try reinstalling the extension and use the default options.

  • No luck. Uninstalled, resinstalled, logged in to allow access and same issue.

    I am on this version of Chrome- Chrome is up to date

    Version 94.0.4606.61 (Official Build) (x86_64)

  • How many calendars do you have?

    Would you say you have many events? or maybe recurring events.

    You said clicking any links shuts it down, what other links are these?

  • I just tested it by clicking on events and they opened, the pop out the full calendar link opens. It appears to just be the month forward button that lock ups. When this happens I can exit the window but have to turn off and back on the extension to use it again.

    I do have several calendars (6) and repeating events, but I haven't added anything new recently and this issue has only been happening a few days.

    Thanks for your help!

  • I'm curious if you unelected most of your busy calendars if the issue still arises https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window

  • edited September 2021

    Played around with toggling some of the calendars on and off. It looks like the subscribed work calendar I am using is the one that causes the issue. I wonder what could have changed in the last few days where it works on the main google cal but not on the extension.

  • Is there anything in particular with that work calendar? Does it have many events or recurring events.

  • Not many really, but it is added from an .ics link. Not sure if that makes a difference.

  • Thanks for reporting this I'll monitor the issue and see if anyone else reports something similar.

  • I'm having the same problem. I have several calendars and several events every day, but nothing that hasn't worked fine since I started using this extension years ago. I tried re-installing it but no luck.

  • @Brian Begun would you be able to narrow it down to a particular calendar by toggling the visibility of your calendars https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window

  • I'll give it a try.

  • Okay. So it seems if I have the following calendars enabled:


    Appointments on Facebook

    Then enable either one of the following:

    Diego's Calendar OR Homeseer Vacation

    It locks up. Doesn't seem to lock up with any other combination. Family is my primary calendar and has the most events in it.

  • @Erica Walker @Brian Begun Would any of you be able to share with me the specific calendar that is causing the issue? Perhaps with the .ics

  • Sure. Ironically the two calendar's I've called out have little to no events on them.

  • I'm trying to attach the .ics to a message to send to you but it won't allow that format.

  • @Brian Begun You can send it to my email reachable via the website .. contact

  • Can you message me an email address you want me to use and I can share them with you via dropbox.

  • Okay. Both .ics files shared.

  • @Brian Begun Thanks both of you, however after importing those calendars I was not able to reproduce the issue. Are you using a fresh install with the default settings (no restoring setting) and are you using the standard Month view?

  • Mine is a fresh install, no settings changed and in standard month view.

  • edited October 2021

    @Brian Begun Ok I have some debugging for both of you try. Make sure have the calendars visible that create the issue and then...

    Right click anywhere in the calendar window > Inspect > Console tab

    Then execute this line:

    fullCalendar.setOption("dayMaxEventRows", false);

    Then click the next month button and let me know if it still freezes.

  • It was locked up again this morning. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can't click anywhere. I turned on the ics calendar last night when we were talking back and forth.

  • @Erica Walker FYI Next time it freezes, you should be able to only disable and renable the extension via the chrome extension page. So before it used to freeze when clicking the next month button, correct? has this changed?

  • I tried disable and reenable and it stayed locked up and my computer started running really hard trying to load the calendars I guess. Will try again in a bit.

    Before a week or so ago, it worked flawlessly, one of my most used chrome extensions (thank you!). Then it started freezing on the forward button and everything else worked but I'd have to disable and sometimes uninstall/reinstall to click on anything after clicking the forward button. Now it isn't loading anything and is just frozen (and the "bad" calendar is turned on but I can't turn it back off until it unfreezes).

  • @Erica Walker Ah interesting, so my guess is that since we turned the 1st of October today that probably there is some October specific event(s) that is triggering the issue.

    I noticed on the 22nd you have a lot of work events I wonder if removing some might fix the issue, don't worry i'm not looking to resolve the issue with this patch, just to find the culprit.

  • I just reinstalled, connected via chrome and I still can't click on anything to make any changes.

    Unfortunately I can't make changes to the ics work calendar because it would impact everyone else.

    Anything else I could try?

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