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Recurring tasks not showing up

It's hard to troubleshoot this since tasks can only show up once a day, but there is a problem with recurring tasks not showing up. My hypothesis is that it occurs when you've dismissed the task in Checker Plus, but not in Google tasks. When the next occurrence of the task comes up, Checker Plus doesn't notify me. This may be a "feature" given that technically the prior version of the task is still "active." I'm not exactly sure how the Google API handles this.


  • Unfortunately the Tasks API is very limited and I would have to mention that recurring tasks are also not supported to the list: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Google_Tasks

  • Ah, I knew the API was limited but yes you should mention in the wiki that recurring tasks don't work. I'll move it to a calendar event; I do have a calendar set up called "hidden reminders" that I don't normally display in my calendar. Thanks for the help.

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