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Double popup for new email

Hello, i'm experiencing issues with Gmail checker, after I get a new email windows popup and the system closes the message in about 20 seconds I get the same popup again. I don't know how to get rid of it so the popup will show only once.


  • It's possible your computer is idling when you receive the popup and then when you move the mouse later that extension retoasts the same popup because it think you were not at your machine when it was idling. Do you think this is the use case you are encountering.

  • This may be the case, but can i disable that completely, sometimes pc will be idling when I watch youtube or something.

  • Sure, I can an option in the next version to disable that, thanks for the feedback.

  • Well, if you could tweak the logic twat would work too, like to example to make the popup appear twice only when the screen had been off and been turned on in case of long idle (if such thing is even possible)

  • Jason - I am having the same problem. It has nothing to do with the computer idling. It happens even when I am working on the computer. It's not terribly bothersome but it is a hiccup.

  • @MichaelBannon What's the delay between the double popups and is it consistent for every new email you get?

  • It's only about 1 second. I'll start checking. I think it is every email. I'll report here as soon as I have enough data.

  • @Łukasz B. Good news I've changed the logic to hopefully resolve this in v22.9@Łukasz B.

  • @MichaelBannon Good news in v23.1 there's an option to disable the return from idle notification.

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