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Button text alignment with Firefox

Apologies if this problem has been noted already, I did look but couldn't find it.

Under Firefox the text alignment in the toolbar button is positioned to the top-right and is truncated. See below.

It's supposed to show "1600" (no colon), being the time of my next event, but is always truncated. The text is also positioned that way when there's no upcoming event and it's just showing the day of the week. I've tried diddling with all of the BUTTON options but whatever it displays it's always positioned top-right, and truncated.

This is under Firefox 92.0 (64 bit) and happens on both my Win 10 Pro (21H1) desktop and my Win 10 Home (20H2) laptop.

(It works fine under Chrome on both systems, where the text is bottom centre.)


  • Yeah sorry you'll have to ask that the Firefox team to allow some flexibility on this, this is all I have access to currently: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/browserAction

  • What a curious answer ... I'm a user of checker plus for calendar, it's not for me to ask Firefox for anything. I've reported a problem to you that is exhibited in and reflects on your tool, regardless of where the "fault" lies.

    If you feel it's a bug in Firefox (as it would seem, as it's fine in Chrome) then it's for you, as the developer of the tool and user of their API, to report it to them, not me. Or you could just figure out a workaround (possibly like creating the icon dynamically with the time in the image) to fix the issue so that it doesn't just look broken, as it does now.....

  • I have to prioritize larger issues across new and emerging Chromium based browsers. Several of my users have successfully created or even found the existing bugs on the Firefox support site and they got fixed by when they are voted up - I am the simply the messenger trying to optimize my time.

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