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Better "entire page" capture

When using the "grab the entire page" option, elements that are position: fixed (headers and footers, mostly) show up repeatedly in the final product. Example: http://i.imgur.com/5gfmG2S.png

My thinking is that this could be improved by searching the DOM for elements that are position: fixed. In the first image, hide any elements that are positioned relative to the bottom of the page. Hide all position: fixed elements for the rest of the screenshots, until the final image, where you hide all fixed elements that are relative to the top. This way, headers will only show at the top, footers will only show at the bottom, and elements positioned relative to both (100% height) won't show at all.

I haven't experimented with this at all, but it seems moderately doable. It may be wise to set a reasonable limit on recursion depth (2-3 elements deep), since most troublesome elements aren't generally nested too deep. What are your thoughts?
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