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Notifications stopped

Notifications have stopped showing in the action center. Settings are still configured to do so.


  • Reinstall resolved the issue.

  • Hello. OPERA Browser 78.0.4093.184. Notifications (Text) disappeared. Chime still stands. Icon of the extension on the top bar shows as before. Just the Txt or Rich notification. The desktop notification (Bell) shows though without affect if you depress it. Possible interference with Ad Blockers of recent installation? I tried to disable them all: no effect. Un-installation and re-installation did not work either.

  • @Giorgio Mazzoni I just tested and the Rich notifications are showing the buttons (note the text ones don't support buttons)

    Try reinstalling the Gmail extensions again.

  • Thanks, Jason. I did it 3 times, even with rebooting. No it did not work yet. I let you know,

  • Hello. After 1 week I tried to reinstall it. The pop-out does not appear, while the chime and the icon on the top bar are regular.

  • edited September 19

    @Giorgio Mazzoni Since it worked for me I would recommend creating a new profile in your Opera browser, perhaps the current one is corrupted and use the default options.

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