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Edge Startup takes 20-30 Seconds - Delayed by Checker

I've been using CPG for maybe 10 years now and it's only been in the last several months that it's become sluggish. Of course, it may just be my system (Win10). Starting up Edge (even after closing it) basically hangs it up while CPG loads. Hovering over the grey icon shows 'loading settings', then 'problem detecting account' and then finally the mails, if any exist. I use a single GMAIL account.

Any idea what might be done to 'unclog' it?

Thanks and have a good day.


  • Have you tried disabling the extension to confirm it's the cause at startup.

    Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

  • Yes! Edge loaded fine with the extension removed.

    Reinstalling made it load just fine. Ah, the ol' reinstall :P

    Thanks Jason ❤️

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