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icon grey

my icon used to be green and chg to red when rec email etc...for some reason it is just grey now even with emails, and if I go to options don't see the different options to chg it anymore, I also get a msg when I hover over the grey icon saying "want to access this site" have no idea what that is...how do I get back to what I use to have


  • Sounds like it's not detecting any new emails, can you refer to this list of solutions: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Auto-detect_sign_in_issues

  • No it works fine in fact I just got your email and it turned red with the little number, but my point is why can I not go back to the green and red icons... looks almost like the do not disturb deal but I checked and it's not on

  • Can you verify which color theme is selected in the extension Options .. Button tab:

  • bingo that was it...thank you couldn't find that for my life, knew it there just didn't know where...all go now

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