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Problems with Vivaldi

There are Problems with the extension in Vivaldi. Some missing/empty entries in menu:

The calendar shows nothing after a click at the button:

The mouseover shows correct entries from the calendar.

Reinstall changed nothing. At Google Chrome are no problems here. Only Vivaldi shows these issues.

Any hints?

Vivaldi version: 4.1.2369.21 (Stable channel) (64-Bit)

Extension version: 28.1.2

Google Mail Checker has NO problems with Vivaldi.


  • Did it work before on Vivaldi?

    Can you try changing the language to English in the extension Options .. Welcome .. Language .. English.

    Can you also try disabling other extensions that might be interfering or and browser flags/settings that you customized.

  • Changing the language has no effect for me. After restarting the browser no issues are gone.

    Disabling all the other extensions has also no effect.

    Resetting all the setting - no effect.

    I am using Vivaldi since around two years - with your extensions and some more. No problems so far.

  • edited September 2021

    I just tested it on Vivaldi (first time I ever use it) and it worked.

    Maybe it's related to your Vivaldi customisations, privacy/blocking settings etc.

  • Strange. I am setting up a new computer and reinstall Vivaldi on a second notebook. On both are the problems. Also in private tab/window.

    I am checking my home pc in a few days (there are craftsmen repairing a damage in this room atm).

  • Another option is try using a different google account, but let's wait till your repairs are done.

  • I tried it at a brandnew vm: Same problem!

    I tried it with install for all users and only for one user. Same problem.

    No idea what´s going on here. And you can use it without these problems?

  • My second test now was to install it directly from the Chrome Store and it still works.

    I don't officially support Vivaldi so I can't spend more time on this, but if you do find the solution you're welcome to write it here.

  • edited December 2021

    I can confirm the first issue (with empty entries in the menu). Not that big deal, just a cosmetic thing. But the popup works for me with no issues. I'm using this extension with Vivaldi on Linux Mint for about a year. I have an issue with a popup window but I'd better describe it in a separate discussion.

  • @Roman Ovchinnikov

    So there is a bug with the Vivaldi browser and the user of "separators" in the menu, you'll have to report the issue with the Vivaldi team as I don't have the resources to manage this browser currently, here is the API that works with the other browsers:


  • The problem is here:

    After deactivation of this option, the menu is okay. This workaround is okay for me.

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