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Hiding certain labels from the email list

I swapped from autodetect to 'add accounts and stay signed in' so that I could have real time push notifications, label colours, all that good stuff. However, I've noticed that the 'see all labels associated to each email' feature you also get is actually a negative rather than a positive (for my workflow specifically).

I use Priority Inbox so that my Gmail displays in three sections - Unread, then Starred, then Everything Else. It's just the easiest way for me to work through my emails and keep track of things to still action. This means I can't turn off the autocategorising feature - it's always turned on when you use Priority Inbox.

I can't see a way inside the extension to hide certain labels. I hide them from Gmail using the "Hide in label list" and "Hide in message list" options, but they still appear next to each email in the extension. I tried just not ticking them in 'Accounts/Labels' -> 'Categories' but that, too, didn't hide them.

This leads to a lot of clutter next to my emails, I see the meaningful labels plus the regularly-incorrect Gmail tags which I don't care about.

Is there a way (or would you consider adding a way) to selectively hide certain labels from displaying on emails received? Any of the following would work great for me:

  • Option to automatically detect and follow the hidden label settings from inside Gmail within the extension
  • Option to hide category labels
  • Option to hide labels other than the labels which are selected on the accounts page
  • Option to hide specific labels with some kind of 'hide' button (e.g. a crossed out eye) next to labels on the accounts page.

Thanks for any ideas you have.


  • And just for illustration:

    Current Gmail inbox setup.

    Current Gmail label setup.

    Labels are not set to be displayed in the extension

    Other labels (and the inbox label) pull emails through into the list correctly, but tags show for the categories I don't care about.

  • Great feedback and details, I will queue this for investigation, but good news is I do seem to have access to it via the API https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/reference/rest/v1/users.labels#MessageListVisibility

  • Good news this has been added in v22.9

  • edited November 12

    Hi, can you explain how this is expected to work? I am on 22.9 with the same configuration as mentioned previously (the label markers are hidden in Gmail's web UI), all options in 'categories' are unticked (though I don't expect that to do much since I know those tickboxes are about whether the emails show or not, rather than whether the labels do), and I've pressed the 'refresh' button to the left of the big blue 'Add Account' button, but the extension still shows them.

  • Ah good catch I have fixed this for user labels, but not those system labels :( Will reopen the ticket for another round of fixes.

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