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Change the icon in Windows 10 Desktop Notification

How can i change this icon?


  • So that is the default icon when have not enabled the sender's profile photo to appear.

    But, I'm curious what would you like to change that icon too?

  • I want to change the icon because I am using 3 email clients. It's just to get better at notifications. But if it is not possible without problems.

  • So I have to ask what would like the new icon to look like? Do you have an example.

  • The official gmail icon, same the icon in the extension bar

  • So I'm hesitant to do that for several reasons, copyright and branding issues, as users might confuse the notifications for official Gmail notifications and not my extension.

  • So make it optional, it's a good idea, after all you already have it on the button. ;) but I understand your point, I won't bother you anymore. Thanks for listening.

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