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TypeError: Cannot read property 'summaryOverride' - New install


Recently installed and setup Checker Plus for Google Calendar. I've been enjoying it a lot but only a day or two after installation I started getting this error. I'm not sure what to make of it.


  • Thanks for the details, can you right click anywhere in that reminder window and select Inspect .. then the select Console tab and then execute the line below and send me all the results.

    notifications.forEach(notification => {console.info(JSON.stringify(notification.event))});

  • Same exact issue, just started yesterday. I started using this a few weeks back.

  • Thank you Benjamin I reviewed yours logs and removed them from here to clean up the thread. I have also just pushed a possible fix for this in v28.1.2 it should be released either today or in a few days.

    @Mark Lightner

  • Is there a way to follow the thread here so we get emails or notification related to any additional posts?

  • @Mark Lightner I will mention everyone in this thread so they get an email notification once the the fix is pushed.

  • Today - I don't seem to see this.

  • @Mark Lightner So I know what triggers the issue, it's generally users who have shared calendars or usually event invitations that are modified by other users or by themselves and this resync of event details is what causes the issue. But I have pushed a fix and I'm just waiting for the Chrome team to approve the update, should be any day now.

  • Let me rephrases. I am NOT seeing the issue today.

  • @Mark Lightner Yup, I understand I'm glad it's temporarily working, I wanted to reassure you that the issue can still return until the fix is live :)

  • Thank you sir!

  • Receiving the same issue. Commenting so I can see when this is fixed. Thanks

  • Same! Thanks so much for working on a fix for this!

  • @Mark Lightner @Gabriel Ferrari @Jodi Heen Good news v28.1.2 with the fix is live now. You can force the update with https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates or just reinstall the extension.

  • @Jason Just updated and will keep you posted. Thank you for being so responsive, I've really enjoyed your extension so far. It's keeping me organized and productive!

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