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Some emails not showing up?

Hey there,

I was wondering what's happening here because the extension doesn't show my emails.

This is a screenshot of my Gmail inbox (sorry I had to blur a few things because it's a company email):

But the extension only shows the first 2:

I've clicked refresh a few times, but the other emails don't show up here 🤔

I get a feeling that every time there are "a lot" of unread emails in my inbox, this happens.

For example, this morning I had about 28 unread emails that I went through.

Also, I think (not 100% sure) that there were some emails missing in the conversation view:

in the extension "overview", I'd see the content of the message (it's a GitHub issue conversation), but when I click on it to see the "conversation", the new message wasn't shown there


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Got it!