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[Softlock][BUG] ChromeTTS.stop is not a function

Environment: M1 Macbook pro

Chrome: 92.0.4515.159 

Since 4 days ago the extension has become unresponsive.

The only error message available is "ChromeTTS.stop is not a function" as soon as the plugin is initialized.

The error shows up once and then doesn't show up again. the state of the UI is inoperable.


  • Try reinstalling the extension.

  • Unfortunately uninstalling and reinstalling has resulted in the same output.

  • Are you using any Chrome flags or other extensions that might be interfering?

    Lastly you could try this:


  • Hmm, from my end I don't think anything has changed. At least from an installed plugins perspective.

    I don't think it's a corrupt browser profile either as it occurs when no profile is set up / no sign in has occurred yet for the plugin

    To test I reinstalled the plugin from scratch, opened up an incognito session and enabled only this plugin for the incognito session. as soon as the plugin opens it has the overlay asking me to sign in, but behind the overlay at the bottom left the error can still be seen. the UI remains unresponsive.

  • Ah interesting, my extensions aren't designed to work in icognito mode.

    Would you be able to create test profile and see if it works there.

  • Thanks for the feedback

    It seems to work on a test profile.

    I'll recreate my local profile, thanks for the input.

  • Recreating the profile resolved the issue

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