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HEY JASON, Tick feature (similar to tasks) in AGENDA column in checker plus for calendar

First of all, I am really impressed by your work and have been using them on a daily basis. Just a small suggestion to add in the checker plus for the calendar. After finishing a task I find it a bit laborious to delete the task after completing it. My small request to you is why don't you add the tick feature adjacent to the task which on clicking them deletes the task automatically similar to google task (will attach a photo below ) at least in the AGENDA section of your app rather than clicking on the task and deleting the task. This also will give satisfaction to the user after finishing or completing his task. And myself as a budding developer know we could agree on how important customer UI is. If you add the feature I will definitely contribute to the App .

Thank you


  • This is the 2nd time it's been suggested, but the other user wanted it in the month view which would have been really crammed, I can see if I could do something in Agenda view with more space.

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