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Recent tabs extension question


I have a question about your recent tabs extension, and I was wondering if it's still supported or not.

I'm asking because I don't see any mention of it anywhere, and until recently I hadn't even noticed that you're the creator of that. (of course judging by your other extensions, the expectation is super high 😉)

The extension is suuuper useful for me, however, for some reason, it just stops working after some time. I've assigned that "Alt + Z" shortcut in Chrome to it, but then I want to use it some day and it doesn't work.

I think (not sure) that I've managed to make it work again by uninstalling and re-installing it, assigning the shortcut etc., but it's a bit annoying that I have to do this from time to time (especially since I don't know when it stops working)

So, all that said to ask if you're still supporting that extension or not (if not, can I ask you to do please? 🙂)

Thank you,



  • So I have been "maintaining" it because I use it a lot myself, it does occasionally incorrectly flip between the wrong tabs, but it's never stopped completely working. Next time try disabling and re-enabling it.

  • OK, I'll try that next time. Are you going to fix the "wrong tab" switching or it isn't worth the time?

  • I'm actually unable to systematically replicate it, if you can please let me know how.

  • Sure thing, I'll keep an eye on it

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