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Button time remaining not working

Seems like the checkbox for 'show time remaining in minutes' on the button isn't working — it always just reports the start time of the next meeting. The 'show time remaining in hours' does work, though.


  • I think I may have misunderstood this feature — I thought it was supposed to show you the remaining time of your current meeting. But seems like it's showing you remaining time until your next meeting?

  • This is correct, although someone has suggested the feature you are speaking about, would you like here: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/comment/28414#Comment_28414

  • I think I actually am finding the 'time to next meeting' more handy.

    Unfortunately since I'm trying to use this for my work calendar (outlook) feeding it into google calendar it has a delay on meetings that change throughout the day. Any plans to integrate with outlook calendar feeds too?

  • External calendars do seem to have delays, but they are supported as long as they are visible via your Google Calendar.

  • I agree with Joshua that the time remaining till next event in MINUTES is not working but the HOURS to next event is working. Any tips on correcting this?

    I attached two screenshots ... one of options for Buttons and one for what the button is displaying. As you can see, I have the options for showing minutes remaining but it's showing the time of the next event.



  • edited August 2021

    @chris.johnson I just tested it and it does work as intended, note that it should indicate the start time of the event if it's more than 1 hour away. But as soon as it's less than 1 hour you should see the minutes remaining UNTIL the start of that event.

  • Oh I see. I had it mixed up. I thought it would show the time remaining the entire time but you clarified that only within that one hour. Got it and thank you for quick reply.

    I'm a financial supporter of your work and use many of you extensions all the time.

  • Hi Jason. Thank you for this extension. It's great.

    I agree with Chris, it would be great to be able to see how much time is remaining for the current event. Is this possible to add? Thanks again!

  • @CarlosBarbaIñiguez So what should I do if there is 30m to the next event and 30m to the end of the current event, how will you know what the 30m represents?

  • Sounds like it might have to be a preference (either or, not both) — user can choose the time badge to represent time left OR minutes until next?

    Although I guess it would be pretty amazing to somehow glance and understand both :D

  • @Jason I agree with what @Joshua Berk said- it would be great to have an either/or option. I found your extension after more than an hour of looking for a solution to the following: I want to know how much time is remaining in class without having to look up at a clock and do the math. Sounds lazy, I know. But it's a really helpful option for people who want to know with a quick glance. Thank you for your response 👍

  • @CarlosBarbaIñiguez what if it displayed -30m would that be intuitive?

  • @Jason Personally, I like the red background behind the number; the red color looks urgent and tells me that I have this much time left to get all my work done. Displaying it without the "-" symbol would look cleaner in my opinion. Thank you, Jason 🙌 

  • Hi @Jason If I wanted to request the "event time remaining" feature, is this the place to do it?

  • @CarlosBarbaIñiguez Yup, I prioritize the features by the the amount of people that comment on the thread, like this one :)

  • @Jason Awesome. Thanks for the response!

  • @CarlosBarbaIñiguez Good new I've added an option for this in v28.2

  • @Jason Thank you!!! Will recommend this extension to my peers.

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