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Call your extension's functions from another extension

Hi Jason,

First, thanks a lot for your extension, it is absolutely awesome.

I would like to know if it's possible to call one of your functions from CheckerPlus for Google Calendar from the console or another extension?

Example: I would like to create an event using the connection of your extension to my calendar, from the console in a Chrome Tab or from a script executed by another extension, like Tampermonkey.

Is it possible? Do you have the list of the functions that I can call ?



  • You could call functions from the extension's background console, but otherwise I haven't opened an API for other extensions, except mine own, they are whitelisted and can talk to each other for specific tasks. I'm not contemplating opening it up any further as I have to pay Google and my servers for the number of calls I perform with Gmail, Calendar and Drive API calls.

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