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Suggestion: Persistent alarm/notification option

There's a poorly named Android app called "AM Droid/Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers," link below, that turns certain calendar events into what amounts to persistent alarms/notifications. You can configure it to only create them for specific calendars, or even monitor calendar event descriptions for a keyword. The most useful part of this for me is that it will create an ongoing sound until you snooze or dismiss the reminder, making it impossible to miss or forget.

It would be great if your extension mirrored some of the behavior of this app; notably repeating notification sounds, but configurable per calendar and/or keyword.



  • Try this option... although it's a general option for all calendars and events.

  • edited August 2021

    Yes, I saw that; an "easy" fix that would probably give 80% of the usefulness of the proposal would be for you to at least make this setting optionally configurable per calendar. Ideally also a checkbox to "loop" the notification sound.

  • So I have it set for one-minute notifications and it would be really helpful if I could set a different and longer alarm sound for certain calendars. Another issue with not noticing the less intrusive sound is that the reminder window, when unacknowledged, stays behind other windows rather than popping up to the front when the pending notifications reminder comes due. Same issue if a different event creates a new reminder, incidentally.

  • One extension you can try is Options .. Notifications .. Rich Notification instead of default Popup window. They will always appear above, note that the option to show pending reminders should at least blink the window orange/yellow to highlight the reminder window.

  • I had tried that but preferred the default popup window. I'll try the rich notifications again; thanks.

  • @Jeff Axelrod I'll admit the default popup window is much more powerful, hence why I decided to make it the default ;)

  • Is there no way in the Chrome API that you could close and re-open the window after when issuing the pending notification reminder?

  • Good suggestion, i'll queue this for investigation but might make that an optin feature as not sure everyone wants that level of interuption.

  • Thanks! That would fix the problem.

  • Finally realized that the pending notifications reminder seems to be broken, at least when using pop-up notifications. If you don't acknowledge the window, not only does it not pop up to the front again, but it also fails to play the notification sound. Easy to verify that it's a bug: set the reminder time to 1 minute, leave it and notice you won't receive another notification.

  • So there's a lot of logic behind the pending notifications reminder, essentially only the 1st time will it play a sound and only if you are at your computer, but at every interval it will swing the bell icon in the chrome toolbar and it will flash the reminder window - but it will not bring it the forefront currently.

  • Thanks, this is not at all what I would expect. I definitely want sounds whether or not I'm at my computer, and if I set it to recur, I expect it to play the sound and pop the window at each recurrence. Any chance you could fix this?

  • It's a fine line with this option, as some users can find this very annoying if they are not aware of it and will uninstall the extension thinking it's broken - i'll investigate some solution if possible.

  • edited October 2021

    For any future users who want a workaround to this problem, here's an autohotkey script that will fix it until Jason implements it. It both brings the notifications window to the front and plays an annoying beep at 60% volume every 5 seconds. If the width setting isn't right, use the AHK window spy tool to check your window size.


    setTimer WindowCheck, 5000


    WinGet, id, LIST, ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1

    Loop, %id% {

    this_id := id%A_Index%

    WinGetPos, Xpos, Ypos, Width, Height, ahk_id %this_id%

    if (Width=663) {

    WinActivate, ahk_id %this_id%

    SoundGet, MasterVolume

    SoundSet, 60


    SoundSet, MasterVolume



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