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Deleting the very last email


After some time I thought I would mention this, its only a small issue

but continues to happen all the time.

If I delete 'unread' emails listed in my CheckerPlus popup window, all goes to plan

until I reach the very last one, whereupon CheckerPlus just seems unable to

delete it. Upon deleting it within the CheckerPlus window, it goes... Then comes back again

and I get another notification. The email stays in my gmail account and I have to go to

gmail and delete it manually.

I have reinstalled the extension several times recently, for other reasons, but

this has been happening for a very long time.

Note... This only happens when I delete emails in the CheckerPlus popup

window in the top right of my screen.

If I delete the single email from within the notification box that appears at the

bottom right of my screen, all is successful.

Regards Peter


  • I couldn't replicate the issue, so I have to assume it might be particular to some emails.

    Can you replicate the issue with different unread emails, for example single emails with no threads.

    Can you refer to this solution https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Emails_not_being_deleted_or_marked_as_read

  • Hello Jason

    I haven't done that but will give it a go.

    Interestingly I had two mails earlier, I deleted them from within

    the Checker Plus drop down window, and both of them went...

    I will try to see if the emails that persist in staying alive have some

    difference in what they contain


    Regards Peter

  • That same things happens with me.

    Plz try to resolve it, it is very annoying



  • @Aryan Mare Can you refer to my comment above and the link.

  • Hello Jason

    I have tried every thing that you told to do in the link but it keeps happening again and again can you please tell me some other options to resolve the issue.

    Regards Aryan

  • edited August 28

    Hi I've had this issue for almost as long as I've had the app installed. (iirc it might have started with the redesign). It's not always the last message in the inbox that keeps coming back, and sometimes there are 2 at the same time that appear as deleted, but then once you close the app popup the notification reappears and the emails reappear as listed, and they're still present in the inbox.

    I'm fairly sure it is related to how long it's been since you've manually accessed the gmail website. After a while for some reason it starts to not sync up properly. When those emails keep reappearing, a simple fix is to open up gmail and delete them from there. Then the problem goes away for a while... Until it happens with other emails. I haven't found a 100 % specific pattern for debugging, sometimes it happens with read emails too.

    All I can say is I have 5-6 accounts loaded in the extention, and it's been happening across different computers and browsers, but it's always one account at a time. Right now I'm using Brave browser, but I've noticed the exact same issue on both Firefox and Chrome.

  • @Neon Turtle Great insight on the issue, thank you.

    Are you using conversation view?

    Are you using auto-detect or manual add?

    When you say you need to open up Gmail after a while and delete the email, have you tried just opening up Gmail and see if the resolves the issue.

  • edited August 28

    I use autodetect at the moment but i've alternated between both a few times so I'm not sure it happens only in autodetect. My setting for conversation view in gmail is different between the multiple accounts I just realized after checking. It's disabled for my main email address and not on some alts. The thing is it happens regardless of that setting as I've noticed it on each accounts.

    Opening gmail alone doesn't solve it I need to delete it from the official interface. If I try to delete from the extension even with gmail open in the background, once an email is bugged it is bugged until deleted from gmail itself. Or maybe a system restart would fix it too I'm not sure about that.

  • @Neon Turtle ok let's monitor and see if manual add can resolve the issue, although I have also come to same hypothesis that some emails are doomed until you delete them fron gmail.

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