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dark mode

After the recent update, my dark mode selection is not working. I did go to the donation page and confirmed that I had already contributed, but I have been unable to verify the exact date so maybe that is the issue.

While I have you, it seems that the only font size choices are large and small. I need something in between - is there a way to do that?



  • Which one are you using, have you tried another because they are working for me...

  • That's interesting. I'm using the same one you are and it was working properly until yesterday or the day before. I'm using Win 10, latest version. The Calendar's background is white with black text. The text size is larger than without your app so some of it is working. Any ideas?

  • Are any of the other dark themes or any themes at all working?

  • That was the right question. The others are working, sort of. Dark Unix looks like a blue/grey (slate maybe), Blue looks black, but not as black as Dark. Dark still is white. Dark Red is the blackest with clear white borders around the dates.

    I can use the Dark Red, but I do wonder what you think is going on. Also, the Small text size is smaller than I would like and with the large, it only shows 3 meetings with the others +1, +2 etc. So, I think I need something in between. Thanks for your help with this.

  • Are you possibly combining several skins/themes that might be interfering with each other?

    Can you send me a screenshot after applying the small text.

  • Well, by hovering over the area to the left of the dark theme selection, I see "add it" even though I clicked on dark theme. The contrast poor and I only see a slightly greyed out circle to the left. This time, the dark theme seems enabled "except", hovering over that circle still displays "add it".

    The background is somehow black now, so I really don't care, but it does still say "add it".

    I changed the text to small, but I don't know how to take a screen shot to send you. I have increased the global font size settings in Win 10, that don't seem to affect the Calendar. Do you happen to have a medium size font that I can try? If not, I can make do and I thank you for the work.


  • So to apply themes you must first select the title of the theme by clicking on it to preview and then you click the + sign to the left of it to apply it. You can see I applied the Dark theme because it has checkmark.

  • Yes, the problem is that when I click on the 3 dots and open skins & themes, the menu that lists each one hides both the check mark and the plus sign. I have two monitors - if you can tell me how to take a screenshot of the monitor that displays the calendar, I will send it to you.

    Currently, I'm using the Dark Red one which "does not display in red", but rather as dark black with borders around the date. Why do I use that one? Because it's the only dark mode that doesn't hide the top menu bar that shows the 3 lines, the back/forward month arrows and the choices to the right. HOWEVER, these items are displayed in "blue". Still, it's better than the others which do grey them out.

    Obviously this is not what you intended.

  • edited July 2021

    Ok you should be able to take a photo with your phone and send it by email, you can found my email on my contact page: https://jasonsavard.com/contact

  • I am trying to share a photo of the screen that I took on my phone to you, but my email program (gmail) does not accept a website address and asks for a proper email address. Can you give me an email address to send you this? I will not share it or use it again without your permission. Or Zoom or you can log into my PC and look for yourself.

  • @Paul K , he can't just post his email address in the open, that's how spammers love to find people's email addresses with bots that specifically look for them. Jason instead gave you the link to his Contact page, which you're supposed to click on.

    There, you'll find a button labeled "Email for personal reason only." Click on it, and it will reveal his email address.

    You can then either click on it and whatever email program you have set to default will start an email message addressed to him. Or, you can right-click the email address and select "Copy email address," then Paste it into the "To" field in your email app.

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