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Constant notification


I am using Edge. This is how my notification is set up but when I open my PC, I keep getting notifications in very short intervals. Even though I Dismiss them, it still alerts me in less than a minute.

I am not sure but I think, I think, this started happening after I start-up boots. Is there anyway for the plug-ins to work normal when start-up boost is active?

The only way to stop this would be to open browser, click on plugin and click on bell icon which appears (3.JPG)



  • Do you dismiss the events by clicking on the checkmark icons?

  • Hi Jason, yes, sometimes individually and sometimes Dismiss All and id used to be OK just with that! but now notifications keeps popping up!

  • Can you try reinstalling the extension.

  • Hi Jason, I tried. the problem exists. this come up when when I click dismiss

    The only way to turn it off is to click on the bell.

  • Can you try disabling this startup boost? to confirm the issue is associated with this.

  • Hi Jason, that seems to be the culprit, although I understand why it pops up when start-up boost is enabled (running in the background) I think the issue is clicking on tick (dismiss) won't work! Please let me know. Thanks

  • I've been testing for an hour and getting some wonky results, it seems this is a relatively new feature from Edge and they are seeking feedback. You may want to try contacting them to let them know.

    12. How do I send feedback?

    We are eager to get your feedback on startup boost. If you experience an issue, please let us know through Microsoft Edge by pressing Shift+Alt+I on a Windows device, click on the feedback icon in the upper right corner of the address bar, or going to Settings and more  > Help and feedback > Send feedback.

  • Sure, I'll log this with them, but I thought it's related to you. The check button doesn't work...

  • So that's undetermined as of now because it is a new boost feature and it only exists on Edge and the fact that they ask for feedback leads me to believe it could still have some issues. So it can't hurt to notify them. I did try debugging it on my end but it was difficult to understand what's going on especially when Edge is "closed"

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