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Default Them - Can not see the time "lines" in TODAY

I'm old and need help seeing things. The default theme that comes with the google calendar checker does not show you the hourly or 30 minute horizontal lines for just today. I'm sure it's there but the color scheme makes it so you can not see it. Can you make those horizontal lines a different color so we can see it? When you have multiple events all ending are beginning at the same time, it's easier to see the lines.

I know about the extra themes, but I believe the default should at least work as well as regular google calendar. Thanks and keep up the good work.


  • Great suggestion, in fact that lighter gray background is only supposed to visible in the week view as shown below, so going forth I will use a white background and therefore the gray time lines with be more visible. This will be in the next update thanks, note that a large recent update was just pushed so it will be part of the next one.

  • Perfect thanks!!!!!!

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