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"Match font color with event color" not working on Themes

"Match font color with event color" has just never worked right with this app, through several updates over the past several months. No matter if I have a theme (background image or color) selected or not, neither light nor dark themes. The text is always just white when the background is light, and white when the background is dark (except a few user-submitted themes where the text and background are both black sometimes, whoops). No matter if I pick a font, or leave it default.

(And yes, I made sure that "Black text" and "Gray text" are NOT selected.)

The only thing that changes when I switch the font color option on and off, is that the time gets bolded when I turn it on. Which is very nice, I like that it's quick and easy to see the time, and honestly think this should be mandatory (or at least, an option in and of itself). But it's still not what it's advertised to be. ?

It successfully adds colored bars around all-day events. And if I use a different color (other than my calendar's default color) on certain events (my means of color-coding for event-type), then it'll put a little dot next to the text in that color.

But there's no color notation at all for ANY calendars (mine or shared) if they happen to only be using their default colors for events. Not even a little dot.

So, I can't easily differentiate between events on my mom's shared calendar vs my own, or events on my family calendar vs personal calendar, unless I click on each entry (or read and stare into space and think for many many seconds for each event on whether it sounds like it's mine or someone else's, and whether said event is high-priority or not). :(

So, I'd appreciate if "Match font color with event color" would indeed color the text to match the event's color coding, whether it's the user's default or not. Thank you. ?

(Last tested just now, just to be sure, on fully updated Chrome and fully updated Checker Plus for Google Calendar app, as of post's timestamp.)


  • Ok thanks for the details i'll queue this for investigation.

  • edited July 2021

    Oh, I can't edit my mistake, but I meant to say: "The text is always just BLACK when the background is light, and white when the background is dark."

    And additionally, I forgot to mention that I did refresh each time I've tried, both with the little button to do so in the Theme chooser, and on the calendar pop-up itself.

    (Even if you just got it so the colored dot shows up for every event, even when it's the calendar's default color, that would be better than nothing. Maybe even preferable on some theme backgrounds. Both cases may have a use.)

    Here's my Google Calendar on their site. I've underlined where there are distinctions; I made my default calendar and Family calendar very similar colors; for better or worse, the limited numbers of colors Google provides contains near-doubles which can be frustrating, but in my case it works so I easily know that either calendar involves me.

    On the left menu, I've supplied swatches for both the default and additional colors I use for my main personal calendar, then underlined those instances where they occur.

    Then, here's the extension. There's tiny gray circles of gray (very pale version of it), yellow, and... huh, my little periwinkle circle (and the 8pm event that goes with it on the 23rd; Refill hand sanitizer) is missing in the extension today...

    (((AND for some reason, despite having deleted the every-other-week "Dopaweek" reminder to fill my pill planner... Even saying "Delete ALL Events" since I'm no longer on that medication, yet it still only deletes the one single one I click on. Then I hit Refresh after I've cleared them all... and they all come back again for July! Even though it's successfully gone from Google Calendar itself.

    What's weird is that if I scroll to August or June, it shows up for a split-second on one or two of the weeks (while very few other events are loaded), then disappears when all the other events load in. But when I go back to July, it's on there and stays there. Maybe just some random flukes, it seems like about HALF of the home's electronics and appliances are on the fritz these last few weeks; my phone is stuck in a boot-loop, as are ALL THREE old back-up phones when I tried to start them up, my brother's phone's charger died, my laptop's keyboard & mouse are going more and more crazy... UGH...)))

    But ANYWAY, the issue at hand here: The only colored dots are for my main calendar's events, but ONLY when using non-default colors. But all the events using default colors (for my ZaCloud calendar, my Family calendar, and my mother Dorothy's calendar) don't have a dot at all.

    Thanks for your consideration. :3

    (Now just gotta wait and see if the phantom event will ever stay away/my hand sanitizer reminder returns. Seems that when I delete the former, it comes back every new day. I'm sure it's just my electro-magnetic field being chaotic or some crazy crap like that, lol, so don't worry about it I guess.)

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