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Recent Tabs - Getting "Control-Tab" working again on a Mac

I'm hooked on Recent Tabs. Historically I've used "Control-Tab" to toggle between my 2 most recent tabs. This is critical functionality for me. Another keyboard shortcut won't work.

After a recent laptop reinstall I had to reinstall the Chrome Extension and for some reason, one of my two chrome profiles lost the shortcut. I tried to restore it using the instructions that Jason has provided and it is not possible to wire up the "Control-Tab" shortcut (specifically anything using "tab") via the Chrome Extensions Keyboard Shortcuts UI. This made me sad.

Ever the curious critter, I found a way around the problem. It's relatively straightforward. There's a few steps:

* Set the keyboard shortcut in the way Jason describes. I set it to Ctrl + Y

* You need the extension ID. You can get this from chrome://extensions and then clicking on the Recent Tabs extension. If you look in the address bar you should find the ID. For me it was: ocllfmhjhfmogablefmibmjcodggknml. I'm unsure if that's universal but it appears to be.

* You need the location of your Chrome user Profile. For me it was at:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default

* In the profile directory you'll find a JSON file called Preferences. I dumped that file into jq so that it would pretty print and then I grepped it for the extension id and the lines that lead and trail it. A command like this will do the trick:

cat /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Preferences | jq . | grep -A4 -B4 ocllfmhjhfmogablefmibmjcodggknm

* If you read the output there you'll see something that looks like:

   "mac:Ctrl+Y": {

    "command_name": "toggleTabs",

    "extension": "ocllfmhjhfmogablefmibmjcodggknml",

    "global": false


* Exit Chrome

* I edited the file with vim and searched for "mac:Ctrl+Y" . When I found it I changed that to "mac:Ctrl+Tab"

* Restart Chrome

* Test out the Ctrl+Tab shortcut. It should work as expected.

I found that when I went back into the Keyboard Shortcut UI it still displayed the Ctrl+Y and when I restarted Chrome after that it had reset to Ctrl+Y . I had to repeat the process above to get it set up again. I believe that the setting persists across restarts of Chrome but that going into the Keyboard Shortcut UI overwrites the manually changed value. I'm unsure where the UI is getting/storing its value but will seek that out when I get some time.

This is a hack. But it works and it restored the functionality that I'd come to depend on.

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