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Change Push Speed from server (mail checking speed) to fastest available?

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to make the push speed change to the fastest available. That would be more than wonderful.

I need to know when an email comes in almost immediately and I see no options for such a thing. Thank you all.


  • I don't believe there exists a push API for Gmail, if you find it feel free to let me know about it. As currently the only alternative would be for me to have a server that would IMAP for all my 600,000 users and that would not be sustainable or definitely not cost effective for me. There is currently an option to poll every 15seconds, but not recommended because of lockout possibility from Gmail.
  • I understand.  I really love this app, I just want to say. How about an option to check every 16 or anything right above the poll limit (in seconds) in the next update for us who like speedy checking? Thanks for the reply!
  • I'm not exactly sure what the limit is, but that 15second interval is there exactly for people like you requesting the speedy checking :)
    If you do get locked out, which does not happen for everyone, but I would recommend you only check one account and only one label to ensure you don't hit the lockout.
    At worse you disable my extension and you will have to wait 24hours to regain access to your Gmail.
  • Alright then, that is what I had suspected. Good man. 
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