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Change Default Calendar


How can I change the default calendar?



  • If I contribute will it open? right now it is not available.

  • edited July 2021

    Yes that is part of the extra features that will be unlocked upon any contribution amount.

  • Hey Jason,

    I contributed: Receipt #1364-7947

    But I still cannot change the default calendar to something else than what I have.

    I dont want it to be kobibi@gmail.com, but something else.

    How can I do that please?

  • Thanks for the screenshot, interesting, it seems there is only 1 calendar listed in that dropdown?

    Do you have other calendars?

    Can you send me a screenshot of the bottom of the extension options .. Notifications tabs so I can see all the calendars listed?

  • hmm, that's an interesting setup and a short calendar list, and if you click on a date to enter a new event and select the calendars, I'm curious if they are being listed there.

  • only this :(

  • Do you write access to these other calendars?

    If you create a test calendar via your Google Calendar webpage, can you then go back into the extension and double click the Refresh button in the popup and see if that new test calendars is displayed in the extension.

  • I added a calendar called kobeaton@gmail.com

    as you can see, your (great) Gmail extension updated, but the calendar extension did not.

  • Did you double click the refresh button in the popup?

    I think you might be using several google accounts, but note that my calendar extension only recognizes one account.

  • Hey Jason,

    I am using only one google account. beforehand I was working at a different company with a different email and everything worked fine. I really need this for my work.

    I don't mind contributing again and go up with you for a quick google meet/zoom session.

    Please help me

  • Can you send me a screenshot of the calendars listed in your Google Calendar webpage as such ...

  • This is when i'm connected through kobibi@gmail.com google account:

    This is when I'm connected from kobi.b@dealtale.com google account (this is the one I want to be default/primary - its my work account):

  • I'm a bit confused because you said you were only using 1 google account earlier, but recently you said you are connecting to 2 different google accounts. Please note that you can only login into one account in my extension and that account will be listed in the options .. Accounts

    Note you can share certain calendars from different accounts into one so that my extension can see them: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Using_calendars_from_multiple_accounts

  • Hey Jason,

    I saw it but what's weird about it is that I used to have another email in my previous work that I could edit also and not just see, and I logged in from the same personal account.

    Never mind, I logged in from the other chrome profile. Could you please open my extra features there (kobi.b@dealtale.com) and cancel them in my private chrome (kobibi@gmail.com)?

  • Ok done. You can use these instructions now to unlock them: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed

  • Just a random drive-by comment from an uninvolved party, but could there be any possibility that the extension doesn't know how to jive between two calendars with one's text being left-to-right (English) and the other possibly being right-to-left (Hebrew)?

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