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Quick add doesn't recognize time zone

Would be very helpful if quick add recognized time zones. If it already does, it didn't recognize "ET" as eastern. I recognize that it should technically read EDT or EST, but it's pretty clear to a human that if directly following a time, ET/PT/etc. should refer to that time zone.


  • So the quick add is using Google Calendar's API and it's not perfect, but you'll have to suggest the fix to their team.

  • Ah that makes sense rather than reinventing the wheel, thanks.

  • Awesome and thanks for the link, I've just starred it, I'm guessing this is not your first ticket :)

  • Apparently you're a good guesser :)

  • Wow, they're being a butt about it. "Oh we're using this outside thing and it doesn't give us those letters, so 🤷🏼 " Like dude, y'all are one of the biggest techopolies in the world, and user friendliness keeps getting forgotten about. It should NOT be hard for them to make a quick go-between filter between the user's input and the database.

    I've starred it too, and offered a couple suggestions. I may not know coding, but I have an inkling about things that can be done to some degree. They shouldn't give up so easily if they're suuuuch a big deal! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • edited August 2021

    I first misunderstood your comment and thought you were talking about Jason's response and expecting him to work around Google's bug.

    Whoever responded at Google is apparently misguided and confused. I filed another new bug pointing out the employee's confusion since I don't trust them to re-open the case.

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