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Darcula theme doesn't work properly in mobile view

When I enable any of the dark themes (except the inverted main Dark theme) the mobile view still shows the list of emails with a white background.

See the two screenshots. 1 is the darcula theme, the other is the dark theme. How do i get the list of emails dark grey to match the darcula theme when using the darcula theme?


  • So the Darcula theme along with some others have been created by some users which have decided to share them with me. In general they are designed for the default Checker Plus view, but you could customize your own theme to better fit the inbox view.

  • I’m not a programmer or anything. What code can I put in to make that background dark?

  • It would be using CSS to set the filter to invert and target the inbox view specifically.

    invert css info https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/filter-function/invert()

    or else have you tried the other dark themes to see if any of them affect the inbox view?

  • All the dark themes don’t work.

    Again, I don’t know code. I don’t know css. I don’t even know how to interpret the link you send me.

    Surely someone ask skillful as you can easy tell me in 2 seconds what to change.

  • It may not be that simple if no other theme supports the inbox view, except for the default dark theme. I'll take note of this for another time unless a themer finds a solution first.

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