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How to delay checking for email upon startup

Is it possible to specify a delay to check for new emails upon startup? If I missed this feature somewhere, I apologize. I am using the extension with Firefox and it is taking a long time for my startup page to open and I think that it may be because of the browser trying to start up at the same time that Checker Plus is trying to check for emails.


  • Can you test this theory by disabling the extension.

  • I did switch to another Gmail extension last night after I posted this question and when I just started my PC back up, it did seem that my home page loaded up quicker. I couldn't really say how much faster because I'm still half asleep but it was faster.

  • I'll keep an eye out for this, but i don't think people close their browser or even their Windows very often anymore.

  • My computer gets to sleep when I get to sleep. :)

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