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Clicking on notification/Open Gmail button opens wrong Google account

I have 2 Google accounts, only one of which I have a Gmail account for. When I click on a desktop notification or the Open Gmail button, it appears that Checker Plus is trying to open the e-mail on my Google account that does not have Gmail and I get the screenshot below. If I change the /b/0/... in the URL to /b/1/... it opens the email correctly. I'm assuming this number in the URL identifies the Google account? To get to an e-mail in Gmail itself, I need to open Gmail directly via bookmark and search for the desired e-mail since navigating directly from Checker Plus is exhibiting this behavior.

Any suggestions?


  • edited June 25

    Interesting, so your main account is the 2nd one? Can you try signing out and back into your accounts.

  • Yes, my Gmail account is on the second Google account. The 1st account does not have an associated Gmail account.

    I logged out of both accounts, and logged back in 1st with my Gmail account and then the non-Gmail account. Now the behavior is different. My Gmail account is coming up with the /0/ URL and the non-Gmail account is now /1/ -- the reverse of before. Checker Plus now opens the right one solely because the order changed.

    It seems like the plugin has to know which URL goes with which gmail account, which depends on the login order. Interesting problem, but at least I have a workaround.

    How is this handled if a user has multiple Gmail accounts?

  • So generally it properly detects the order or you can force it with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Sync_sign_in_account_order

    but you can also switch between auto-detect and manual add.

  • Thanks. I missed that bit in the documentation.

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