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Add account and stay signed in


I tried several times to use (Add account and stay signed in) but after choosing this option I got red line says (Access was revoked! Refresh or add Account to re-grant access!), I tried to (ADD ACCOUNT) button and choose one account then press (Allow) button, then I got (Network Error).

Please check screenshot.

Thank you,



  • Can you try signing out and back into your accounts and try this again.

  • I did but it didn't work, but when I use VPN, it works, it seems signing in to gmail with Checker Plus is not allowed without VPN.

    When I finish adding account I switch off VPN and still working.

    It seems there is an url (https://extensions-auth.uc.r.appspot.com/) when I enter it I got 403 forbidden

  • Yeah most likely your internet provider is blocking certain domains.

  • Maybe, now every while I have to refresh using VPN

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