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conversation view issues

hey there.

question for you.

i am having an issue with conversation view. when i looked to see what your recommendation is to help solve this error i keep getting, this is what you wrote: "Conversation View issue

"You are using my Checker Plus for Gmail extension and it has detected your Conversation View (Grouped emails) setting in Gmail is set to off.

This sometimes causes an issue which prevents deleting or marking emails as Read, within the extension.

This doesn't make all that much sense to me. In the first sentence is says that the issue is because this setting in my gmail accounts is set to "off" which it isn't. You say that this sometimes creates a problem. But then, in solution #2, you say to disable conversation view within the extension.

So, what should I be doing here? I like conversation view. I'd like to be able to use it. But it doesn't seem to sync well with your extension.


Thanks so much!



  • Just to summarize, my extension works best with the default conversation view turned on, so if it's on that's great.

    Can you give me more details in the issue you experiencing and while doing what action etc.

  • Hey there, and thanks for such a quick response!

    My issue is that I have conversation view enabled in my email accounts, but I continually am unable to open any emails that have any kind of a thread. For example this morning, I tried to click on an email but got an error message in the extension relating to disabling not the conversation view, but "threaded conversations," as you refer to it in the extension.

    The extension will not let me open any emails that have more than 1 email in the thread.

    I went back into my email accounts and verified that all conversation views were turned on. That didn't do anything.

    So I then went into your settings and disabled this by clicking on the text bubble image next to each account.

    I haven't received a new threaded email yet, so I cannot test that any of this is working.

    What should I be doing here?

    Again, thanks for your help! I love your extension and really want to be able to use it!!!

  • So if the conversation view/threaded conversations are on in your Gmail then you should also leave the conversation option on in the extension (which should be the default on install)

    If it fails to work try switching to the manual add method, but again leaving the conversation view on in the extension.

  • Thanks. I did all of that already. I'll check in with you if I continue to experience this.

    Take care, and have a great day!

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