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I do not want to have the default notification when I add new event

Hello, dear Jason. I hope you are doing well. As you can see I didnt set up any default notification on my Google Calendar settings. But when I want to add new event from here I always have to click "Delete" button to get rid "0 days before" notification. Could you please help me?


  • oh interesting this might be a bug, you can try double clicking the refresh button in that popup window, then close and reopen the popup window and see if that default notification still appears.

  • Yes, I still see it. It stills adds that notification like before.

    Also after refresh finishes, I get this icon at bottom left corner.

  • edited June 12

    And one more thing: it does happen only when I try to create all-day events. If I choose time of event from day/week view grids, it works normal.

  • Yeah unfortuneatly the API does cannot fetch the reminder times for all-day events, just the timed events. I believe the code displays that default notification for all-day but if you have not setup any notifications then it shouldn't actually alert on that day, but let me know if that's true.

    About your screenshot, I'm curious why your calendar view looks small inside the window, did you do any customizations?

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