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Not receiving notifications

Here is a my use case.

I have a shared drive. I have the notification button enabled on the shared drive that I want to receive alerts on. I want to receive notifications when someone adds a new document to the shared drive or makes ANY edit inside of the document that is in that shared drive.

Is that possible? If so, what am I missing? Here are my settings in the screenshot. I am able to see notifications when I edit a document that is already in the shared drive, AND when I place a document in the shared drive. However, I am not receiving any notifications when someone else adds or edits a document. Is that possible?



  • That is bizarre, but a good sign that something is working because as you stated you are seeing your on modification.

    Is this a team drive that is shared ?

    Can you send me a screenshot of folder enabled in the drive extension window.

  • Hey Jason, thanks for following up.

    Yes, this is a shared team drive. Here is the screenshot of the folder in the extension window

  • There's been issues with modifying users needing to actually be part of the shared drive, certain permissions etc. it's a tough one for me to debug because I don't have access to a shared drive.

  • Yeah, the user I'm testing with is a part of the shared drive as a content manager.

    I can create a shared drive on a non work account to test if you'd be interested in that. If not, no worries.

  • Sure, I'll email you from a test account.

  • Hi Jason,

    Same issue here with our shared drives. I've bought licences for our whole domain mainly for this feature.

    How can we help you solve this problem ?

  • @Walter Antao How is your drive setup exactly?

    Are you able to add my email account to your shared drive for testing? (you can find my email at top of site Contact

  • @Walter Antao ok thanks, I am doing some tests, can you let me know if this option is not checked...

  • This option is not checked.

    I've selected "Show notifications for files inside folders I select" and checked the two last checkboxes.

    I added the bell notification icon to the whole shared drive "testwalt"

  • @Walter Antao

    ok so for testing purposes let's try the "Show notifications for all files" as I selected in the screenshot, note my test was successful for a modification of my own edit on your file Informatique .. TEST TEST

  • I tried the "Show notifications for all files". I only receive notifications on my own modifications, the other users do not see anything (and others only see notifications of their own and I received none).

  • edited July 5

    @Walter Antao ok just a heads up i'm going to add another test user called Richie so that I can test having one user modify a file and see if the other test users gets the notification.

  • @Walter Antao FYI I just got a notification that you changed the file testuser1.txt :) so something is working.

  • That's good news (though I changed it a few hours before you got it).

    Unfortunately, my test users didn't receive any notification. I've been trying to add/modify files with different accounts and users only receive notifications for their own modifications.

  • @Walter Antao Ok so my "content manager" user modified the file TEST TEST and my "manager" user got a notification immediately. Can you let me know what roles and tests you are performing?

  • Thanks a lot. With this info, i also was able to get notifications...but only on some occasions

    Here are the results of my tests (User1 is Manager, User2 is Content manager)


    User1 creates a new Google Doc file.

    User1 gets notification of his own creation

    User2 gets nothing

    T0+1 min

    User2 opens and changes this same Google Doc file

    User2 gets notification of his own modification

    User1 gets notification of modification


    User1 opens and changes this same Google Doc file

    User1 gets notification of his own modification

    User2 gets notification of modification

    T0+1 hour

    User1 opens and changes this same Google Doc file

    User1 gets notification of his own modification

    User2 gets nothing

    T0+1h and 5 min

    User2 opens this same Google Doc file

    User2 receives notification from User1 modification at T0+1h

    T0+1h and 6 min

    User2 changes Google Doc file

    User2 gets notification of his own modification

    User1 gets notification of modification

    There no notification to others when a doc is added in a folder.

    After a certain time, doc is "forgotten" and notification of modification is not sent to others.

    I hope these tests will help.

  • @Walter Antao Ok great details again, so I was able to replicate the new doc and no notification issue. It does work however for files under My Drive just not under the Shared Drive, so I'll have to investigate further.

  • These tests were done with the shared drive "testwalt". Fell free to use it as long as you need.

  • @Walter Antao Ok I pushed extension v8.1 you can force the update with https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • @Jason It works just fine. We're going to deploy it to a small group of users for a few days.

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