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Not receiving notifications

Here is a my use case.

I have a shared drive. I have the notification button enabled on the shared drive that I want to receive alerts on. I want to receive notifications when someone adds a new document to the shared drive or makes ANY edit inside of the document that is in that shared drive.

Is that possible? If so, what am I missing? Here are my settings in the screenshot. I am able to see notifications when I edit a document that is already in the shared drive, AND when I place a document in the shared drive. However, I am not receiving any notifications when someone else adds or edits a document. Is that possible?



  • That is bizarre, but a good sign that something is working because as you stated you are seeing your on modification.

    Is this a team drive that is shared ?

    Can you send me a screenshot of folder enabled in the drive extension window.

  • Hey Jason, thanks for following up.

    Yes, this is a shared team drive. Here is the screenshot of the folder in the extension window

  • There's been issues with modifying users needing to actually be part of the shared drive, certain permissions etc. it's a tough one for me to debug because I don't have access to a shared drive.

  • Yeah, the user I'm testing with is a part of the shared drive as a content manager.

    I can create a shared drive on a non work account to test if you'd be interested in that. If not, no worries.

  • Sure, I'll email you from a test account.

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