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The extension used to be really quick, now when I open it within chrome even just displaying the inbox in the popup takes quite a few seconds... Im running a core i7, 16gb ram with SSD config. It used to fly but now it doesnt, i've tried uninstalling all extensions but even that doesnt speed things up.


  • I currently have no other reports on this issue, unless there are responses here, I would investigate your OS software(s), Chrome flags, Chrome extensions, open tabs etc.
  • Thanks for the response Jason, I changed it to 'Open gmail in tab' and everything is much quicker now. Made a little donation too, fantastic work honestly!
  • How long have you been using my extension?
    How long ago did the slow issue start happening?
  • Used it for about a month, noticed the last week or so it going really slow. Probably is something my end if no other reports, going to do a big clean up on my computer in case!
  • Any updates on the issue?
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