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Deleteing recurring event on calendar does not remove its recurres from the extension

Hi, I have created by accident a daily recurrent event on calendar website and synced it with the extension.

But after I deleted all occurrences of the recurring event using the calendar website, and synced it again with this extension, but no instances of the deleted event were removed from the extension.

I tried restarting the browser and deleting the event using the extension's own interface, but only removes the selected instance (even if I choose to delete all event occurrences).

The only way to fix this was going to `Options -> Admin -> Reset settings to default`, but this also removed all my settings.

Looks like once the extension adds a recurrent event and later that event is deleted using the calendar website, the extension does not remove it from its internal data structure.


  • I just repeated the `Options -> Admin -> Reset settings to default` in another machine, but this time the extension asked me to restore my settings, and it worked. Now the recurring event is removed and my settings are restored.

  • Another trick is to double click the refresh button in the calendar popup window. it forces a cache refresh.

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