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Composing within Checker Plus and Proxy Bypass

Hi Jason, what a fantastic add-on you have created first and foremost.

I'm in a peculiar operating environment where I'm behind a Corporate proxy server where www.gmail.com is blocked.

However, with your add-on I was able to get my emails to show which means your add-on is somehow not being filtered so I can see new emails coming in and view them which is fantastic. The problem is when I try to compose an email I get the typical corporate notice email is blocked.

There is an option to "Switch to Inbox" as soon as I do that, i get the same corporate proxy email block message, I switch back to Checker Plus for Gmail and again I can see my emails, reply and forward in my inbox, but run into the same problem where I can't Compose new emails.

Is there a way within Checker Plus, just like how you have developed it so that it can check incoming email, reply & forward to also allow users to Compose within Checker plus ecosystem as to not set off my corporate proxy server firewall from complaining?

I would be more than happy to debug and do any kind of testing




  • I guess I should also add if it is possible to display all the Inbox in Checker Plus rather than just new emails. One issue at a time. I would be happy with composed working.


  • So I understand your situation, but unfortunately I'm not looking to make Checker Plus a full blown inbox management system, for those who wanted that I offered the switch to inbox view. The inbox view is the way to display the whole inbox, but I most likely may not work with your corporate firewall https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window

  • Hi Jason,

    The inbox management is secondary. The primary issues is just allowing the Checker Plus to compose emails within Checker Plus. Not sure if that is clear but essentially the checker plus gets past through the proxy fw and it allows reply/forward to emails but when composing it essentially launches a gmail window and that is blocked. Is there a way to keep that function within checker plus?

    does that make sense?

  • edited June 9

    I understand, but the solution you're looking for is an uncommon use case, but most importantly the complexity of composing emails is difficult to justify, such as to, cc, bcc, contacts, attachments, formatting etc. I'll monitor this request, but I can't raise it's priority level at this moment.

  • Understand, thanks for the feedback.

    I will look for an alternate solution in the interim but will monitor this thread if anything changes on your end to add the feature.


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