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Feature request: saved views of calendar combinations

We have multiple calendars. While it's helpful to see all of them at once, it's often easier to show only a few at a time, that are interrelated. For example, I'd like to be able to quickly choose to see Large Theatre, Small Theatre, and Classes in one saved view, and then in another saved view, Classes and Rehearsals. I know that I can check/uncheck the boxes to see the ones I want, however it would be so much easier if I could save the combinations that we use multiple times a day - going through and checking/unchecking the boxes is tedious. Any chance this could be a feature?

Thanks for your great work!


  • Interesting, although for such new behaviours I prefer to take the lead from Google Calendar, have you tried suggesting it to them.

  • edited June 8

    no - but I will. Thanks!

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