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Annual billing on domain

Hi Jason,

I'd like all users of my company's domain to have access to Gmail Plus, Drive Plus and Calendar Plus.

Could you please send me an annual billing proposal?

This would be much simpler than paypal's monthly payment.



  • Sure how many users does your company have approximately?

    Which domain would it be for?

    and which email address to send the annual invoice to?

  • We have between 80 and 90 users

    It is for "cftc.fr" domain and it can be sent to informatique@cftc.fr

  • Ok i've sent an invoice, let me know if it's ok and once paid I will unlock the features for that domain.

  • Hi Jason,

    The invoice has been paid. Could you please unlock the "cftc.fr" domain?



  • Thank you, all future installs will be unlocked for users of that domain and if current installs are locked you can do this to unlock them: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed

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