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Show snoozed notifications?

Hi Jason,

can you please add a (?) explainer bubble for the "Show snoozed notifications" setting?

My guess is that this will show you delayed notifications for emails that arrived during a "Do Not Disturb" period, but I'm not sure. (I never use Do Not Disturb.)


  • Actually that option should show notify you of emails that become unsnoozed. It's really just detecting emails that have been re-assigned the inbox label, but that are not new.

  • Hmm... then the setting name is even more confusing than I thought. ;-)

    So because of the missing full API integration, Checker Plus can show unsnoozed mails but not at their correct position (like the Gmail app can)? And without the setting enabled, Checker Plus would not show unsnoozed mails at all?

  • Correct, it was a partial workaround.

  • Alright! Then how about adding a (?) explainer bubble for the "Show snoozed notifications" setting that addresses the limitations (what it means for the user) of this workaround?

  • What it means for the user should maybe also be put on https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Gmail_Snooze ?

  • Yeah I didn't want to advertise the workaround too much, because it's just that, I was hoping Google would release the official snooze API.

  • Yeah, I understand... but since Google doesn't seem to care it might take another year or more, so a new explainer bubble might be a good thing? :)

  • I've added the explainer in the latest version, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Great 👍😊

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