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Different Notifcation Icon for Different Acounts?

Can you get it up so that if monitoring 2 accounts the icon is difffernet for each account. I have it set so only a number shows in the top right nothing else as often screen sharing so forget DND at times so use a number to be safe.


  • Hmm interesting suggestion what would the icons be? the profile icon for the account?

    What if both accounts have unread emails?

  • Maybe the number could be different colour for each account? All I see is 1 new in top right so I don’t know which account it is

  • If you have time perhaps a screenshot of what it looks like now and what you would like it to look like.

  • All I can see is this but I can;t tell which account is the new email. Is it possible to be red for one account and green for another?

  • Ok i'll queue this for some brainstorming on my behalf

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