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Emails appear in a different order / add-on Outlook

Good morning, I love your gadget. Please add outlook to it that will give you a premium add-on, no doubt. On the other hand, I see that sometimes the emails appear in a different order, how can I order them? Sometimes they change by connection I suppose and my main one leaves it to me at the end or in the middle and I would like to set them to my liking. Could you give me your advice?


  • Outlook would require me to learn a whole new ecosystem of APIs as currently I'm adopting all the Google APIs services, so not likely anytime soon as I'm also pretty busy with my suite of my extensions.

    For the sort order:


  • It has started to present email update errors for a couple of weeks. Suddenly, some emails say error, and others are fine, it does not update anything. I close the browser and reopen it and when I click on the icon, just a few emails appear, I hope it loads or updates and they are almost all closed, it doesn't load them. It does not update. I open the emails again and as usual. Attached capture:

  • There are some options, you can try to sign out and back into the accounts, or try the manual add option https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

  • Tu consejo es hacer lo que siempre hago, tienen errores, tarde o temprano en la semana rebotan todas las direcciones y no actualiza.

  • edited June 19

    When you have a lot of email addresses and you don't sign into them each of them frequently then the cookies expire and it causes issues with the default auto-detect method. That is why I suggest trying the manual add method.

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