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Popup notification is not working, but the sound is



  • Yes, they are showing there.

  • @Leandro Segalla Can you run the command below by going into the background console and with these instructions: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs and let me know if it pops up a notification.

    chrome.notifications.create({type:"basic", iconUrl:Icons.NOTIFICATION_ICON_URL, title:"test", message:"mymessage"})

  • @Jason , nothing happened.

  • @Leandro Segalla Ok so the issue definitely lies with Chrome and/or your OS settings. You need to revisit all the options concerning notifications at the Chrome and system level.

    Are you getting any other notifications? from other extensions or websites in Chrome?

  • Ok, I also have the Checker Plus for G Calendar, and the popups are working normally.

  • @Leandro Segalla The calendar extension uses as popup window that appears in the middle, unlike the notifications that appear at the bottom right (unless you explicitly changed that behavior in the calendar extension options)

  • edited June 2

    Ok, got it.

    Thank you for your time and patience, Jason, really appreciate. I'll explore the OS and Chrome side to solve the issue.

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