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Bug: Unread email subject and sender invisible.

I have had the extension for a while, and I just ran into the issue when I was experimenting with other extensions for dark themed websites.

I had the extension in Chrome, then I switched over to Firefox. I've been using it with Firefox for months, so I doubt that it's the problem. I found another extension that allows dark mode for almost any website, and this I downloaded a few days before the issue occurred, so I believe that it may have caused it. But I have deleted the other extension and reinstalled this one, but the problem is still there.

I have included a screenshot below of what it looks like; the blacked-out parts work fine. The subject, sender name and one of the profile pictures is whited out.


  • There's has been issue with the dark theme and Firefox, if you could isolate the issue by disabling other extensions and themes this might help me.

  • I deleted the dark theme extension, switched the Firefox theme to default, cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled your extension, but it's still the same. Also, the extension page where the Options are has a black background with dark grey text, which makes it hard to read.

  • So you have no more dark settings anywhere and the is still happening?

    Can you send me a screenshot of options page with the issue.

  • Yes to the first question.

  • So this is definitely a firefox issue, as some dark settings should not be permeating into extensions. You should google around as another firefox has reported this to me also in my forum.

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