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How does quick add work?

I'm on a German Windows 10 but my Google Chrome and Checker Plus are both set to English. Therefore, I'd expect the examples on the help page to work, but they don't (with rare exceptions). All I can do is add events for "today". Example: "Dinner tomorrow 7pm" adds an event for today 7pm. Same with "Dinner Wednesday" or "Dinner May 25th". Maybe the parsing doesn't work because my operating system's regional settings use German? Or is there a workaround?


  • The API used depends on your Google Calendar language setting, however I realize the API is not perfect in other languages, most likely why it was removed from the google calendar website.

  • Thanks, Jason! I changed settings in Google Calendar (language, date format, time format). American dates drive me crazy, so I chose international (YYYY-MM-DD), and (feeling lucky) selected 24 h time format. It seems like the only thing that actually needs changing is language (to English (US)). Now even entries like this work fine: "Test May 25 13:30-15:30"

    Thanks much!

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