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TIME (different time PC/checker)

Hello :)

I have a big problem with time.

My time on PC is 16:00.

Timer in browser shows correct hours or minutes before event.

But if I click on widget and open it then I will see incorrect time. Time will be less on 1 hour.

In my situation this problem is very critical, I cant miss event or be late, it is my job.

1 - there is 16 pm but actually it will be 17 pm

2 - this even will be in 10:15, but it is shows like 09:15

I may be wrong, but I think that this problem is due to the fact that the widget is synchronized not with the time that is set in the computer settings, but with the time to which the computer should have been linked.

But in many regions of Russia, we changed the time every six months by 1 hour forward or backward. We have not done this for many years (in the region where I live). But now there is such a problem, because computers do not know this. Therefore, maybe you could make it so that the time is read from the settings of the computer itself or set in the application by the hands of users?

Please, can you help with this?


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