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The app display the emails as unread even after it has been read

Please be informed that since last 15 days I facing problem with checker plus. When i am using one of my gmail account evenif I have read the emails and deleted them, they are displayed as it is on the notification panel and when i dropdown the icon they reappers. Please solve it asap.


  • edited May 2021

    Can you start by updating your Chrome browser as it appears to be a very old version 87, the latest is v90.

    Afterwards try reinstalling the extension and let me know if the issue persists.

  • Same for me. But it is kind of weird, it works for normal gmail account but doesn't work for company email account linked with gmail.

    I had tried the following approaches, but no luck.

    • re-install the checker
    • log out and log in again.
    • conversation mode on

    Chrome version: Version 90.0.4430.212

    Checker version:

  • @Jay Chang Can you go the Gmail website for your company email account and send me the source by right clicking anywhere in the Gmail page and "View page source" you can send it to my email found in the Contact of this website.

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