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New mail Animation getting stuck halfway through on latest chrome


Not all the time but sometimes it gets stuck mid animation.


  • Yeah my bad happened with the last update will fix that with the next update, just consider it happy face ?

  • Just curious but when is next update planned? This is really slowing down my work computer (use your app for my personal email that I need to keep an eye on while at work) and I really don't want to uninstall the extension. Thanks - H

  • edited May 2021

    @HP Stewart Working on it currently give me a few days, note this is unrelated to any slowdown, this issue is just happens when icon is called to animate twice in a row.

  • All good. If it was going to be weeks, I might turn it off until then. If it's gonna be relatively soon, I'll just deal :) I love the app - makes it much easier to deal with home and work at the same time.

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